Is Jasmine V’s New “Just A Friend” About Justin Bieber?! (Vid)

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Jasmine VIf we didn’t know any better, we would think that the girl in this vid was Selena Gomez‘s twin sister. They look so similar! But we obvs know that it’s actually Justin Bieber‘s ex-girlfie, Jasmine V. And if we’re being honest, we’re really wondering if her newest song is about him! Between the questionable lyrics and the light-haired cutie in the vid, is she trying to get a message to JB?

Read some of the lyrics and watch “Just A Friend” below, then tell us what you think!

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“If I’m just a friend
Why do I know what your lips feel like

You act like I don’t meet your standards
I’m not good enough to stand beside you, beside you
I wish the best of luck to your girlfriend
Probably been lying all about her too, about her her too.”

Well, do you think the song’s about Justin? And whose voice do you like better — Jasmine’s or Selena’s? You can be totally honest here.