One of Your Fave YouTube Beauty Gurus Made Seriously NSFW Mistake in New Vid

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YouTube beauty gurus have no boundaries with their viewers — they show themselves treating skin problems, wiping off all their makeup, and even going into detail about things they’re self conscious about. But while your favorite YT girls are completely open for the most part, there are some things they still like to keep private… which is sometimes hard to do when your job is based online. Unfortunately, Jarmaine Santiago (JLovesMac1 on the site) now knows just how easily an editing mistake can happen, as she accidentally uploaded a video with a shot of her completely bare breasts. Yikes.

The beauty guru, who has been an active YouTuber since the summer of 2010, posted a video titled “My Tips on ‘Perfect’ Skin” a few days ago. It was all going well, with the 25 year old showing viewers how she properly cares for her skin, until she talked about how she uses an infrared sauna to cleanse her body from the inside. It’s pretty obvious that you want to be naked before getting into sauna for the best results, so that’s what she did. What we don’t think Jarmaine meant to do, however, was leave in a clip of her exposed boobs.

As soon as her followers saw what had happened and made her aware of the mistake, the beauty girl quickly acknowledged her mistake but — wait for it — did NOT re-edit or remove the original video. Instead, she laughed right along with the viewers and even called out her own slip-up.

Now that’s confidence!

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