Say What?! Travie McCoy Loves Janelle Monae’s Style. And So Does Janelle Monae

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We’re a total sucker for singer Janelle Monae‘s eclectic style (and clearly so is our guest editor Travie McCoy, see below), but that doesn’t mean everyone loves the girl’s affinity for mens’ suits and bowties. Janelle recently told The Observer that back when she was first starting out as a musician, music-industry peeps wanted to change her style!

“I love Janelle Monae’s style. Her shoes, especially.”

– Travie McCoy

And by “change her style,” we mean have her dress like a girl….

Janelle said:

“They want to be the ones to get Janelle Monáe in a mini and stilettos. But that’s not the point of Janelle Monáe.”

She continued:

“I want to celebrate our differences more and do away with these categories. When I have children I really want them to live in a world where menswear and womenswear don’t exist. If my son wants to put on a skirt, I don’t care.”

Ok, maybe that son-wearing-a-skirt thing went a little bit too far. But we totally agree with Janelle’s fashion philosophy! Do you?