Jane Lynch’s Most LOL-Worthy SNL Moments

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Missed SNL this past Saturday because you were on a date with your boyfriend or out partying with your friends? We wish we could say the same for ourselves. But the good news? We watched Jane Lynch host the show for her first time ever, and it was so hilarious and entertaining that we almost forgot how sad it was that we were home on a Saturday night, watching TV on the couch by ourselves chomping on M&Ms. But we digress…

Click on for a quick catch-up of our 3 fave moments of Jane on SNL, plus hilarious pics!

1. The Opening Monologue. We’ll still have to admit that Taylor Swift‘s SNL musical opener was the best one to date, but Jane’s comes in a close second. She pointed out to the audience that Glee doesn’t have a theme song (wait, how did we not notice that before?), and so she, natch, performed the one that she had written! The song about how “Sue Sylvester is the Star of Glee” talked about slushies and sweatsuits and had us LOLing.

2. The “Gilly” Skit. The SNL cast dressed up as different Glee characters and introduced the frizzy-haired new girl in New Directions, Gilly. It wasn’t a stretch seeing Jane in a sweatsuit, but it was hilarious watching the fake Rachel, Kurt, Finn, Artie, Quinn and Mercedes sing “Don’t Stop Believin’.”

3. The New Boyfriend Show. Here, Jane played a, um, “promiscuous” mom whose dorky son, played by the hilarious (read: hot) Andy Samberg, interviewed each of her “New Boyfriends” during breakfast after their night of fun.

Did the Emmy-winner’s SNL performance have you LOLing, too?