8 Things to Know About Jane By Design’s Erica Dasher

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ABC Family

Meet Jane Quimby, uh we mean, Erica Dasher. She’s the new leading lady on ABC Family‘s brand spankin’ new series Jane By Design. When we caught the trailer for this new show (which we’ve got for you below, BTW) we got this funny feeling that it’s probs gonna turn out to be one of our new faves. So we figured right about now would be a great time to introduce you to her, too!

So before Jane By Design makes its way to the tube this winter, check out these 8 must-know facts about Erica Dasher!

1. Before she was Jane, Erica played the role of Madison on theWB.com web series called The Lake back in 2009.

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2. Speaking of The Lake, Erica starred alongside another ABC Family star on that show…Pretty Little Liars‘s Drew Van Acker aka hottie Jason.

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3. Erica’s show Jane By Design was originally supposed to be called What Would Jane Do.

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4. Unlike other celebs, Erica’s only currently got 155 followers on Twitter. Go follow @Erica_Dasher right now!

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5. Erica doesn’t just act, she also makes films. She produced her own documentary on Forensics, which basically means she’s really smart and we’re really impressed.

6. Erica attended and graduated from the University of California (USC).

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7. Although Erica isn’t a high-fashion designer and doesn’t actually work in the fashion biz, she was invited to speak for a “Styling Jane By Design” seminar at this year’s Teen Vogue‘s Fashion University.

8.Erica landed the part of Jane thanks to her newbie status. ABC Family wanted to keep with their trend of of casting newbies and unknowns for their shows.


Watch the trailer for her new show below!

Jane By Design premieres on January 3 at 9pm on ABC Family! Think you’ll tune in? Any of these facts about Erica surprise you? We’re dying to know, so tell us!