EXCLUSIVE: 8 Things You Need To Know About The Man Behind One Direction’s Hit Songs, Jamie Scott

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Jamie Scott

Jamie Scott

Although One Direction gets all the glory for their hit songs (and don’t get us wrong — they deserve it!), there’s people behind the music who help ’em out occasionally. Jamie Scott is one of those people. If you’re a huge fan of 1D’s “Story of My Life,” which you obviously are, Jamie is the one you should thank — ’cause he was one of the people who wrote it! 

In addition to writing for 1D, Jamie has also written music for Little Mix5 Seconds of Summer and The Vamps, is a part of his own band, Graffiti6 annnnd also just came out with a new music video for his own song, “My Hurricane!” Phew — we’re exhausted just looking at him!

We recently got the opportunity to chat with Jamie, and seeing as he’s currently working with 1D on their upcoming album (!!!), we had to get the scoop. Click through the gallery below to see what Jamie said about One Direction’s upcoming album, working with Ed Sheeran and tons more!