After Years of Hiding the Truth, YouTube Star Comes Out as Transgender

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Jamie Ryan Dee was super active on YouTube from 2013 to 2014, but suddenly disappeared from the video site. Besides uploading a random vlog about six months ago, the 21-year-old British creator was completely missing in action on YT for almost two years…until a few days ago, that is.

Jamie shocked the world by returning to YouTube with a video titled ‘Coming Back and Coming Out As Transgender,’ in which, you guessed it, the social media star comes out as trans.

“I finally know who I am and I’ve came to terms with who I am, as well; I am transgender,” the Brit said. “I always have been. I’ve been carrying this weight around for so long because I didn’t want to accept it and I didn’t want to be transgender. I’ve always known that I should’ve been born a female.”

While the founder of Spiked Apparel recently started hormone replacement therapy, she actually said seeing other people’s transition was very difficult to watch.

“Caitlyn Jenner’s transition was honestly the worst thing for me to witness. It was the thing that put me off wanting to be transgender, wanting to do it more than anything because I knew that I would never have the funds to pay for the surgeries to feminize my face.”

Jamie was understandably very nervous to post the coming-out video, seeing as she tried to hide her true identity since she was a little girl, but the positive comments from friends, fans and fellow YT creators started rolling in almost immediately.

We are so proud of you, Jamie!


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