7 Times Shirtless Jamie Dornan Made You Thirsty

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If you somehow didn’t already know this, Jamie Dornan is stupidly hot. Like, so hot, that there are about 100 “you could bake cookies on his abs” jokes to be made. But why should we, when we can totally just PROVE to you how hot he is? Everyone loves a good visual presentation, isn’t that right?

Since Fifty Shades of Grey — which we’re not at all condoning that you see because OMG, so inappropriate — hits theaters this week, we thought that we’d arrange Jamie’s hottest moments for you in a handy little package. Is it a coincidence that all 7 of them happened while he was shirtless? Umm… yes? No, we’re lying. It’s no coincidence. Because Shirtless Jamie is the best Jamie of them all.