7 Famous Women Who Were Linked to Jamie Dornan, Before & After 50 Shades

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Jamie Dornan is a total babe. Whether he’s playing a dominant in the Fifty Shades of Grey franchise or a serial killer on The Fall, there’s no denying his handsome features. Yes, we know that can be disturbing… but it’s not like he can help it — it’s his God-given face (and body)!

So, given his attractive features — plus his killer personality, as evidenced in interviews — you KNOW that you’ve thought about being with him in a romantic fashion at some point in your life. Unfortunately, from the looks of it, he doesn’t seem to date people like us — you know, ~normals~; non-famous folks. Like his co-star, Dakota Johnson, Jamie’s dating history is full of familiar faces. Plus, he’s married, so… there’s that to consider. Nevertheless, his timeline is still pretty fascinating. Go ahead, see for yourself: