18 Stars Who People Actually Think Look Like the OG Jace, Jamie Campbell Bower

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The upcoming return of Shadowhunters is leaving all fans of Cassie Clare‘s The Mortal Instruments series on the edges of their seats. Honestly, we can’t wait! That’s why we asked for our stockings to be filled with stele pens and rune tattoos rather than the usual toiletries and chocolates. BOR-ing.

With the second season of the Freeform drama looming over our heads, we got to thinkin’ about the 2013 movie. You know, the one that was supposed to lead to a franchise but tanked at the box office. While we guess that it worked out the best — ’cause, who knows, then the television show may’ve never happened — we can’t help but think of the original cast; particularly, the OG Jace, Jamie Campbell Bower.

Don’t get us wrong, we absolutely love ourselves some Dom Sherwood; he’s bad-ass, he’s bae, plus he’s super cool to hang out with IRL (we know from experience #notsohumblebrag) — but we also love ourselves some JCB. So, along with looking at all the roles he could’ve had, we’re taking a peek at all the stars people actually think look like the 28-year-old English actor. (FYI, very few of them do, but it’s still fun.)

1. Dom Sherwood — LBH, if they weren’t cast as the same character, no one would’ve made this argument.

2. Harry Styles — Jamie would totally wear that outfit, we’ll give ’em that.

3. Ashton Irwin — And this outfit, too.

4. Justin Bieber — That hat is so Jamie.

5. Taylor Swift — Hair.

6. Louis Tomlinson — Uh huh…

7. Leonardo DiCaprio — Interesting…

8. Lady Gaga — Mehbe from this angle:

9. Nicholas Hoult — What?

10. Austin Butler — There’s a little somethin’ there.

11. Cody Simpson — K.

12. Tristan Evans — Somewhat.

13. AviciiAvicii looks like Taylor Swift, and someone (above) did say that Taylor looks like the Brit, so sure.

14. Jake Abel — Kinda like Mr. Bower on Camelot but with short locks.

15. Toby Regbo — Oh.

16. Robbie Kay — Well…

17. James Bay — Umm…

18. George Daniel — Dear god.

TBH, @kalousseimi is the only one we really see:

JCB doesn’t look all that much like his supposed doppelgangers, but Lily Collins sure does: