The Post that has Fans Convinced Jamie Campbell Bower & Lily Collins Broke Up

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When Jamie Campbell Bower and Lily Collins got back together after two years apart, they tried (and failed) to be subtle about it, but stalkers fans on social media found them out super quickly. And now, after months of adorable pictures and lovey-dovey posts, it seems that they might be sharing their breakup with Jamily supporters in the same subtle(ish) way — via Instagram.

Having been known for constantly posting pictures of her boo in the past, the 26-year-old actress started to raise red flags when her social media accounts went JCB-less for for over a month. And while the Internet was definitely scratching their heads at the lack of Jamily action, it wasn’t until she posted a cryptic photo that fans really began to fear for the worst. It read:

“When one door closes, another one opens. No matter what, always leave room for a little love when stepping out and in #livedeeplylovehard…”

Umm…what? If this had been two months ago, Lily would’ve posted that same picture with a caption that said something along the lines of, “missing my second half.” This shocking turn of events basically confirmed the news that Jamily fans feared the most — Jamie and Lily are no more.

At this point, nothing is confirmed, so there’s still hope that Jamily is in tact. However, if we’re being honest, all signs are pointing to a not-so-happy ending. WAHHH!

WDYT? Did Jamie and Lily call it quits for the second time? Tell us your Jamily thoughts in the comments below.

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