Jamie Campbell Bower & Lily Collins Break-Up Rumors Emerge. Weigh in!

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Let us preface this by saying that we are pro-Jamily (a.k.a. the relationship between Jamie Campbell Bower and Lily Collins). But after a brief debate between readers (see it in the comments here), we felt that it was necessary to call out the fact that there are break-up rumors facing the twosome from The Mortal Instruments. So, what we're here to do is to give you all the details as we know it, then you tell us your thoughts.

MAY 2013 — Walking hand-in-hand at the "PUNK: Chaos To Couture" Costume Institute Gala


JULY 2013 — Cozy pictures with model Zina Charkoplia surface. Note that some of the photos can be found on Zina's Instagram, so there was no effort to hide. Plus a photographer reportedly confirmed that the kissing snapshots were from a shoot.

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JULY 2013 — The two jet off to Comic-Con on separate sides of the plane, yes, that's true. But they show no difficulties taking pictures side-by-side for the Mortal Instruments panel, or doing promotion for the movie on the mall tour.

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JULY 2013 (again) — Lily's Seventeen story debuts with her saying that her and Jamie "made a conscious decision to go out and live life. I’m not one to hide anything, but I don’t feel the need to comment directly on it… I think it would be a shame to not live in the moment and not enjoy everything that’s happening in fear of other people’s opinions." HOWEVER, we do understand that this story interview was conducted months ago.


Both stars have been keeping a professional attitude when it comes to talking about each other in regard to the TMI franchise. But other than that, it's apparently unclear to onlookers. Fans, what do you think of the rumors? Do you believe it's "painfully obvious that they are no longer dating" like Teen reader Prince suggests? Or are you more like Teen reader Benzo who believes that they're still and item and "are sweet together and people should really leave them to it?" Tell us your Jamily thoughts in the comments below!

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