James Franco Helps 15-Year-Old Greta Pasqua Get Back at Her Ex-Boyfriend

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Instagram (@jamesfrancotv)

Instagram (@jamesfrancotv)

Leave it to James Franco to come up with the ultimate revenge for a heartbroken teenage girl.

During a photo shoot at a private Beverly Hills home on October 7, the This Is the End star heard that the daughter of the house, 15-year-old Greta Pasqua, was hurting from a split. According to Us Weekly, the child “was really depressed because her boyfriend had just broken up with her. James caught wind of it and gave her a pep talk.”

Included in said pep talk: some well-deserved (well, we don’t know that, but still) revenge. Apparently, Greta’s former love is a huge fan of the 35-year-old actor. So James posed for a cuddy picture with the girl and allegedly said, ‘Post it on Facebook and tell him to eat his heart out.’

And, supposedly, everything worked out according to plan. “Her ex is all of a sudden starting to think he made the wrong decision!”

To see the aforementioned photo, head on over to Us Weekly. Umm, how awesome is James Franco? What do you think of his master plan? Spill in the comments!

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