James Charles Shuts Muser Down After He Starts Unnecessary Drama

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We’re not always team James Charles, and for good reason, but today, we’re totally on his side. The 17-year-old YouTube star was minding his own business last night when musical.ly star Tyler Brown thought it’d be funny to post a picture of the makeup artist’s recent makeup fail, saying that it proves the teen isn’t talented.


Sure, CoverGirl’s first male spokesman was recently exposed for Photoshopping some of his most famous pictures, but come on — he is obviously an extremely talented makeup artist.

“It takes makeup artists between three and four hours to sit there put on a good look where making a musical.ly takes 10 seconds,” the beauty guru said on Snapchat after the 15-year-old shaded him on Twitter. “You knew what you meant and you knew what you said and there’s no way that can be misconstrued and it certainly was not a joke either, so don’t try to twist it around. It’s so sad to see these very, very young kids getting huge platforms and using them for hatred. Are you really that bored? If you’re that mad that I’m successful, do something with yourself to be more successful than me. It takes 30 seconds to write out a really sh*tty, mean tweet and post it. It takes zero seconds to not say anything at all. Those 30 seconds could’ve been spent making a new musical.ly. Gaining 1000 new followers. Working on a business deal. Drawing something. Designing something. Doing something with your life!”

Tyler didn’t like James’ Snapchat rant, so he decided to come for the MUA once again, this time ~exposing~ the direct messages he sent.


Umm… does TB not realize he just made himself look even more dumb? Because JC’s message was calm, to the point and as respectful as it could be. Can’t we all just get along?!

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