James Charles Told to Kill Himself After Being Exposed for Photoshopping Pics

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Just when he thought the backlash of his ignorant AF Ebola joke was dying down, James Charles was hit with another scandal. The 17-year-old went viral about a year ago for bringing his own ring light to his senior pictures in order to make his highlight pop, which ultimately got him recognized by CoverGirl. JC’s ex-BFF, Thomas Halbert (A.K.A. ThomasBeautyy), recently had a falling out with the beauty guru and decided enough was enough — it was time to tell the world the truth. The 19-year-old then revealed that James did NOT bring his own lighting to the photo session, but instead Photoshopped the pics to make it look like he had amazing makeup.

So basically, the teen’s sudden rise to fame was based on a total lie, and people were NOT impressed. While most of them simply expressed their disappointment, others took their anger way over the top and actually wished death upon him in the aftermath.

James is not perfect by any means, and he’s definitely made mistakes in the past. But guess what? EVERYONE makes mistakes and nobody deserves to be bullied and harassed he way he is.

“Hate comments are not fun,” the makeup artist recently said on Snapchat. “Being ‘exposed’ is not fun. Having drama channels make videos about you is not fun. Having people drag you on Twitter is NOT fun. […] I think that a lot of people just assume this job is just f*cking rainbows and unicorns and it’s all a good time and we all have amazing lives, when in reality a lot of us go to sleep upset almost every single night.”



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