James Charles Sparks Feud with Makeup Geek Founder Over Netflix Documentary

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The tea is boiling, sisters!

James Charles has said on multiple occasions that he wants to document the behind-the-scenes details of the beauty industry and what it’s really like to be an influencer. But now, he’s claiming Netflix stole his idea!

It all started when Makeup Geek founder Marlena Stell posted these tweets on Thursday:

James saw and was, uh, very confused. He replied to her tweet, “Wait, what?” And proceeded to tweet at Netflix directly.

The beauty guru made it clear that he was already planning to do basically the same thing, and he was “livid” that his idea was stolen. He then came for Marlena herself and accused her of being biased.

His comments come after Marlena made a video in which she blamed “entitled” influencers for overcharging small beauty brands (such as Makeup Geek) and derailing their potential success. A lot of people guessed that James was one of the influencers Marlena was shading in the vid, and it clearly left a bitter taste in his mouth. But Marlena still stood by her comments.

Marlena also pointed out that James was only 21 and, therefore, didn’t have as much experience as her, but he took it as a compliment.

Both of the beauty influencers were tres sha-day, but ultimately James was the one who asked Marlena to stop with the “petty” tweets and talk things out, face-to-face.

The CEO hasn’t responded to his offer yet, but we’ll be watching her Twitter like a hawk.