20 Memes About James Charles’ Major Makeup Fail That’ll Make You Cringe Hard

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James Charles may only be 17 years old, but he’s already regarded as one of the best Internet makeup artists around…well, at least he was. The teen was recently exposed for Photoshopping the picture that made him famous, making people question his talents as a MUA. And what happened recently is definitely not helping his case.

Unfortunately, James attended an event where he seemingly used the wrong foundation or setting powder, which cause some serious flashback in pictures. We’ve seen this type of makeup fail on celebrities like Miley Cyrus and Nicole Kidman in the past, but nothing quite like what happened to the teen. Honestly, we feel really bad for JC — everyone makes mistakes, especially in the makeup department. But while we totally sympathize with the YouTube star, we also can’t help but laugh at some of the memes people have come up with as a result.

1. This is just MEAN!

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2. Terrifying, TBH.

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3. WTF????

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4. All former emo kids will recognize this face:


6. Seems legit.

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7. *covers eyes*

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8. Oh come on!

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9. We mean…

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11. Are we seeing double?

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12. HILARIOUS, but inaccurate.

13. *sips tea*

14. New K-pop band???

15. NO!

16. Who did this??!?!?

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17. Don’t do it…

18. What in tarnation????

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19. James is a busy guy.

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20. The struggle is real.

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James Charles shouldn’t feel TOO bad… these celebrities also had makeup fails: