James Charles Transforms Kylie Jenner Into a Glam Skeleton for Halloween

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After a James Charles and Kylie Jenner collab was first teased, we’ve all been counting down the days until the video finally dropped. And, now that it’s here, it was VERY well worth the wait. In honor of the upcoming holiday — Halloween, duh — the YouTuber turned Ky into a VERY spooky skeleton using only makeup and OMG!! she looked completely amazing.

In the video, the makeup artist used products from the 21-year-old’s upcoming Halloween collection, which drops this Friday, October 12th, by the way, to create a pretty creepy, yet super-glam pink-and-purple-themed skeleton.

While the 19-year-old was working on the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star’s makeup, they were chitchatting and got onto the topic of whether or not Kylie wants more kids. Well, the makeup mogul HAS hinted in the past that she’s ready for another child, but you’re going to DIE when you find out exactly how many more she wants.

“I want like seven girls,” the KJ admitted. “Then maybe I’ll consider a boy.”

She was probably kidding, but who knows; the makeup mogul is one of six and clearly loves being part of a big family.

Obviously Kylie’s spooktacular look isn’t an everyday one, but hey — if you want it be, do you! Anyway, the ~lewk~ is super perfect for Halloween and while it does look pretty intimidating to recreate because of how intricate it is, James broke it down perfectly in the video. Check it out above!