13 Male Beauty Gurus Fans Want to Replace James Charles as a CoverGirl

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In October 2016, James Charles made history as he was named the first male CoverGirl ambassador. People were overjoyed — finally brands were beginning to recognize the need for diversity in the beauty community! Unfortunately, however, their excitement eventually turned sour when the 17-year-old made a horribly insensitive, ignorant and racist joke and Ebola in Africa.


Both the self-taught makeup artist and the beauty brand apologized for the inappropriate comment, but many people don’t feel like that’s enough. In fact, a lot of them are actually suggesting other male beauty gurus to take his place. For example…

1. Bretman Rock:

2. Miguel Ghalichi:

3. Ryan Potter:

4. Stahr Milan:

5. Billy:

6. Trayvon Dickerso:

7. Kenneth Senegal:

8. Spencer Claus:

9. PoeticDrugs:

10. Dre Bae:

11. Markevious Harris:

12. Jesse Arreola:

13. Brandon D:

14. Patrick Starrr:

We’re not sure what’s going to happen in this case, but as of now it doesn’t look like James is going anywhere. That being said, there’s always room for more brands to step up their diversity game and as you can see — there’s PLENTY of talent available!

These male YouTube beauty gurus are TOTALLY underrated: