James Charles Apologizes to Ariana Grande After Calling Her Rude

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Lots of celebrities have a reputation of being d-bags based on rumors, fan experiences, etc., but YouTube star James Charles spilled the tea straight up recently and revealed that Ariana Grande is the “rudest celebrity” he’s ever encountered.

“I really like Ariana; I guess I just had a really crappy experience with her,” he told Shane Dawson and Ryland Adams as they were doing his makeup in a vid for his channel.

Basically, the 18-year-old went to see the 24-year-old in concert and posted about it on his social media pages repeatedly. Ari got wind that he was in the audience and ended up following him after the show ended. James sent her a direct message to express his love and before you know it they were talking back and forth on Instagram — the singer even told him she wished he went backstage at the concert so they could’ve met in person.

This online friendship started happening around the same time as his “scandals started happening,” ya know — when he made a racist joke about Ebola in Africa and was exposed for Photoshopping the yearbook picture that made him famous.

Arianators quickly began flooding the former Nickelodeon star with messages telling her to unfollow the problematic beauty guru…and she listened.

“I checked back and she did actually unfollow me, like, literally three hours after she had followed me in the first place,” he explained. “So I messaged her back and I was like, ‘Hey, did I do something wrong?’ And she was literally like, ‘Hey babe, I saw a lot of angry tweets from my fans and I would never want to disappoint them, so I unfollowed.'”

The teen responded that he was “disappointed” that she would “stoop to the level of listening to people bullying [him] just to appease [her fans].”

James has been receiving tons of hate from Ariana’s supporters ever since naming her in the video and even says he’s being bullied online as a result.

He also tweeted, “I’ve messaged Ariana on Instagram apologizing for speaking on the situation in my video but also explaining where I was coming from & why I said what I said. I made it clear in my video I still loved & respected her so if you choose to only hear the bad, that’s on you. Let it be.”

There’s no word on if the “Side to Side” singer responded to JC’s apology.