Fellow ‘X Factor’ Alum James Arthur Backtracks After Dissing One Direction

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WENNDespite topping the charts on more than one occasion, One Direction's still the subject of scrutiny from fellow members of the industry. This time around, the criticism comes from the winner of The X Factor (UK edition), Season 9, James Arthur.

In a rant on Twitter, the 25-year-old musician bit back at a fan who claimed that 1D's the biggest success to come out of TXF. He reportedly said, "One Direction don't sell records they are a marketing product. They sell t-shirts and dolls you moron."

However, unlike past dissers(?) of the British fivesome, James is backtracking slightly on his words. On September 19, he took to Twitter, saying:

So, he's sticking with the whole "more of a product; less about record sales" thing… but he respects the band. That about sums it up, right?

What do you think about James' original statement (or even his latest comments)? Do you agree? Weigh in via the comments below, or on our One Direction message board!

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