Controversial YouTube Stars Arrested After Pulling Multiple Terrorist ‘Pranks’

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Just when we thought YouTube stars have done all the stupid s*it they possibly could, they go and surprise us once again. In today’s ‘WTF’ YT news, brothers Max, Arman and Rebeen Jalal have been arrested for posting a series of terror attack prank videos.

The pranksters, who are known on the Internet as Jalas, have become known for dressing up in traditional Arab garbs and causing public terror with their ‘jokes.’ One of the first videos to gain them public recognition depicted them throwing a duffle bag “bomb” into crowds of people. This was followed up by equally as disturbing pranks, but culminated when the Australians pulled a stunt where they faked a drive-by shooting, with one of the victims being a little girl.

“Our response has been driven by the changing nature of these posts and the escalation in terms of content,” Victoria Police Assistant Commissioner Ross Guenther said after arresting the boys after a month-long investigation. “We believe the tipping point has been reached where the content is completely unacceptable and it is in fact criminal. And that is how we will be proceeding with it. They have caused some significant alarm in our community when we already have heightened security. The videos portray terrorists in a certain way and it causes anxiety and problematic behaviors within the community. It is problematic for police attending incidents like this as there is potential for serious injury and that is of concern to us. This behavior is not okay.”

While it may be clear to outsiders that any humor in the situation is long gone, it seems that the Aussies are still under the impression that they’ve done nothing wrong. Just hours after getting bailed out of jail, they returned to social media to post this Facebook status:

“So today we got arrested. 30 counter-terrorist officers later, a search warrant & a 6 hour interview. Also, news headlines all over Australia. Was it really all worth it? When there’s worse things going on in the world, bigger crimes being committed. But Victoria Police targeted 3 Pranksters, that have not to this date harmed anyone. ‪#‎overreaction‬ ‪#‎wasteofpolicetime‬ ‪#‎wastehistime2016‬

Are they kidding? Please tell us they’re kidding… The boys have not yet been charged, but authorities are looking “to charge them with whatever they can be charged with.”

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