All the Lucky Girls Who Have Stolen the Heart of Jake T. Austin

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When we first met Jake T. Austin, he was just Selena Gomez‘s dorky younger bro on Wizards of Waverly Place. TBH, we were way more interested in Sel’s hottie older brother David Henrie. But oh, how times have changed since 2007. Jake’s now full-on boyfriend material: A complete heartthrob, a sought-after actor, and an Instagram selfie king. Meanwhile, um, has anyone even seen David in the last two years…? No offense, D.

Millions of girls would do unspeakable things for a date with the 21 year old, but he’s kept his personal life very personal — until recently! Up until he confirmed his shocking relationship with a longtime fan, all we knew of Jake’s dating life came from rumors. Take a look at all the girls he supposedly hooked up before meeting his current sweetheart:

1. Bella Thorne — Bella and Jake had a super short-term relationship. They met when the actress landed a guest role on Wizards of Waverly Place as —- how cute is this —- the actor’s TV girlfriend! Unfortunately, she only appeared on the show for that one episode (which was weird because in the ep, he likes her so much that he reveals he’s a wizard, and then we never see her again), but the pair continued seeing each other in the weeks following. But despite their young “love,” their romance only lasted only two months.

Instagram @bellathorne

Instagram @bellathorne

2. McKaley Miller — Um, do all Hollywood hookups happen when people meet on set? McKaley played Jake’s GF for a few episodes on Wizards of Waverly Place, which is when their romance supposedly occurred. Although their “love” didn’t last, McKaley’s been on to bigger and better things, landing roles on hit shows like Hart of Dixie, Awkward and Scream Queens.


Instagram @mckaleym

3. Bianca Santos — Bianca and Jake met on set of The Fosters, where they were co-stars until Jake abruptly left the show in 2015. But before he (sadly) departed, the two are rumored to have hooked up behind the scenes. If that’s true, it makes things kind of awkward between Bianca and the next girl on this list!


Twitter @Bianca00Alexa

4. Maia Mitchell — Okay, it’s impossible to know which rumors are true and which are total BS, but some fans are positive that Jake and Maia had a thing while they were on The Fosters together. If this story is true, can you imagine how, weird things must be for her and Bianca!? Hopefully there was no drama since the two still have to co-star on the show together!

5. Danielle Caesar — And that brings us to Jake’s current — and actually definitely legit! — GF, Danielle. Their love story made fangirls across the globe go crazy. Dani was a mega-fan who incessantly tweeted at Jake, trying to get him to notice her for years and years. Almost a decade after she started tweeting him, the two managed to genuinely meet and fall in love. Is it adorable or seriously disturbing? Unclear, TBH. But either way, congrats to the lovebirds!


Instagram @jaketaustin

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