One of Your Disney Faves is DYING to Appear on the Most Popular AF TV Show

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Regardless of how old you are, there’s a good chance that you’re still watching Disney Channel shows. And we’re not judging, because those shows are entertaining AF! A few weeks ago, Disney XD premiered a brand new show called Lab Rats: Elite Force, which is a spin-off of Lab Rats and Mighty Med. The show incorporates characters from both shows, forming an elite team of superheroes and bionic heroes with one goal in mind: Take down villains and keep citizens safe. We chatted with Lab Rats: Elite Force‘s very own Jake Short (who stars as Oliver), who you’ve probably seen in a variety of TV shows like Zeke and Luther and A.N.T. Farm, about his current DC show and the on-screen hit he’s dying to be on.

“I’m an avid fan of The Big Bang Theory,” he said. “I’d love to be on as a recurring character on that show!” Considering that Lab Rats: Elite Force DOES incorporate science into its storyline and Jake’s a self-proclaimed “space nerd,” we think it would be a great fit. Big Bang Theory creators, plzzzz get Jake on your show ASAP. K, thanks.

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In addition to Jake’s dream of being on the hit CBS sitcom, he has other high hopes in terms of possible guest stars for Lab Rats: Elite Force. “The Colts are my football team. If Andrew Luck did an episode for us, I think I would have a heart attack,” Jake shared. If his show’s creators were somehow able to make that happen, let’s just say that Jake would be forever satisfied. “That would also mean I owe the creators of the show a few favors because having Andrew on the show would make my life.”

Since Disney shows have been known to crossover for some seriously epic episodes, there IS one particular show that Jake wants his show to collaborate with — Gravity Falls. We know what you’re thinking: isn’t Gravity Falls an animated show, while Lab Rats: Elite Force is a live-action series? How would that work? Well, Jake is confident that the crossover could actually happen, and it would make for some great TV. “Yes, it’s animated, but that would make everything even more interesting. It would be pretty cool to see myself as an animated character,” he said.

Be sure to catch Jake and the rest of the Elite Force on Disney XD!

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