Jake Paul Slammed for Posting Clickbait Virginity Video on YouTube

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Logan Paul is clearly the most problematic YouTuber at the moment, but his younger brother, Jake Paul, is like, “Here hold my beer.” The 20-year-old decided to take some of the controversy surrounding his sibling by posting a YouTube video titled “I Lost My Virginity…,” along with a super inappropriate thumbnail featuring a half-naked Erika Costell on top of him in bed.

But, in true JP form, the whole thing was clickbait and the video was NOT about him having sex, but rather going skiing for the first time. Seeing as the former Disney Channel star’s core demographic is pretty young, people were pretty outraged that he not only used the picture to promote the vid, but also about the topic’s implications.

Despite the backlash, Jake still hasn’t taken the video down. He did, however, remove the original thumbnail and change it to something less NSFW.