Jake Paul Starts Feud with the Two Biggest Social-Media Crews Around

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You may know Jake Paul as the star of Disney Channel’s Bizaardvark, or from his YouTube channel that boasts almost 6 million subscribers. But before the 20-year-old found fame through those two channels, he was making viral videos on Vine. Some of you may remember the blond cutie from his days of creating 6-second vids, but it seems that he has a foggy memory when it comes to his social-media roots.

Jake and his Internet squad, Team 10, recently created a music video for an original song called “It’s Everyday Bro.” The rap is basically a parody of online influencers’ lives and was filmed at a mega-mansion with various luxury cars as props. The entire thing is pretty savage, but there’s one part in particular that caught our ear — “I’m going off, I’m never falling off / Like Mag who? Digi who? Who are you?”

This is obviously a reference to DigiTour and MAGCON, two popular social-media crews that frequently tour around the world with various Internet superstars. It was actually a YouTuber named Chance Sutton who spit the diss verse, but famous Viner and MAGCON member Taylor Caniff chose to call out the actor for his obvious attack.

We’re sure Jake, Chance, Tessa Brooks and the rest of the Team 10 crew made the MV in good fun, but come onLogan Paul‘s brother was literally once on the MAGCON tour back in the day! Remember when you came from, dude.

Vine stars often get into fights with other Viners: