Jake Paul & Teala Dunn Have a Full-On Makeout Sesh & Now Everyone’s SHOOK

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February marked a tough month for Teala Dunn and Jake Paul. The 20-year-old beauty had just broken up with her model boyfriend, Alex Valley, after a few months of dating; the 20-year-old Bizaardvark actor had a massive fight with his (maybe) girlfriend, Alissa Violet, in which they accused each other of cheating — he even kicked her out of the Team 10 house!

But, we’re guessing, they’re both pretty much past all the drama, as they shot separate videos for their respective channels of them KISSING EACH OTHER. That’s not even clickbait — like, one was a full-blown makeout session, people! Needless to say, the Internet was SHOOK by the news. Some are even shipping them as a couple:

To be fair, T got to play tonsil hockey with Jake, as well as Ivan Martinez and Chance Sutton, so it wasn’t exactly a romantic affair. (Though, she does call one of the three a “romantic” kisser.) So, for all of you that ship Teala with Jake’s brother, Logan Paul, all hope may not be lost.

Watch the videos here:

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