Jake Paul Sued for Over $2 Million After Trashing Former Team 10 House

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We used to talk about Jake Paul‘s dumb actions, like, every. single. day., but the YouTuber has somehow managed to keep himself out of headlines lately. We know — it’s a freakin’ miracle! But even though it’s been a minute since he’s been involved in a controversy, that clearly doesn’t mean he’s totally out of the woods. While the 21-year-old hasn’t technically done anything stupid recently, he’s now facing the consequences of his past actions.

According to TMZ, the YouTube star is being sued by Cobra Acquisitions, LLC for trashing the house he rented from the company from May 2016 to December 2017. Jake paid $17,495 per month and put down a $40,000 security deposit to live with the rest of the Team 10 members in the L.A.-based home that was often featured in his crazy videos.

The company claims JP “left the place in ruins” and moved out without repairing things like broken cabinets, burns in the pool and dead landscaping.

Cobra says Jake did not mention his YT career when he moved in, but it quickly became apparent after the “fire department [was] called out a number of times while he lived there, and that social media stars would constantly be at the crib … leaving neighbors pissed and complaining,” according to the site.

The blond’s neighbors DEFINITELY were not fans of him and his crew living in the house and even threatened to file a public nuisance lawsuit against him for disrupting the peace.

“We used to be a really nice, quiet street,” one person explained to KTLA 5 News, “and now we’re just, like, this war zone… We’re families here and we’re more than happy to have them live here if they’re respectful of their neighbors, but they’re not.”

Another one of Jake’s old neighbors revealed an elderly woman almost died after he and the rest of the Team 10 gang lit things on fire in their backyard.

“The neighbor next door [is probably] the one who has probably been through the most and suffered the most,” the man who wished to stay anonymous said. “She…nearly died from smoke inhalation from the fire. For some strange reason they get their kicks off on doing sh*t to an old lady.”

But that’s not all the trouble Jake’s antics got him into. Back in October 2017, a man sued the former Vine star for damaging his hearing after Jake drove his car down a West Hollywood street and blared his extremely loud horn at a group of unsuspecting pedestrians.

Needless to say, the prankster’s track record is not the best. Cobra Acquisitions, LLC wants at least $2.5 million in damages, as the $40,000 JP put down is not enough to make all the repairs.