Despite What People May Think, Jake Paul Says He is NOT a Sociopath

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Shane Dawson posted the first installment of his eight-part The Mind of Jake Paul docuseries yesterday in which he explores whether or not Jake Paul is a sociopath and Jake has responded. The controversial YouTuber is saying that he is NOT a sociopath.

In this series, the 30-year-old YouTube star will take viewers on an eight-part roller coaster exploring who the 21-year-old star really is, why he is the way he is and what it all means. In the first video, which he uploaded yesterday, Shane explores whether or not Jake is a sociopath by dissecting and analyzing his past behavior while talking to iNabber, who has a channel that focuses on dissecting news and getting to the bottom of drama. In this case, iNabber gave Shane the lowdown on all things Jake Paul.

Well, with all of that going on, Jake ALSO posted a video on the same day as the first episode was released and titled it, “Pls Watch This Before Shane Dawson’s Series….” In it, he addressed Shane’s series and wanted to give his thoughts on the matter. Totally understandable.

“I knew Shane would be able to position it and make it 100 percent real without bias, and I fully trusted him to do that,” Jake said. “If you were a Shane fan and you didn’t want him to do it, I think you’ll be able to respect it. Go into it with an open mind and open heart and watch it without any preconceived thoughts. Letting someone into your life in general to judge you and film the whole thing is not easy and not fun. There will be things I won’t like or won’t want to remember. But the only way you can get better is if you acknowledge those things and move on.”

Jake goes on to explain that he hasn’t seen any of the series and had no input on the editing, so it is all very raw. However, here’s the meat of this story. JP made a point to say, “Even though it’s about the sociopath thing, I know I’m not a sociopath.”

Well, we’ll all just have to wait and see how the rest of the series unfolds and make that judgment for ourselves.