Jake Paul Fires Back at RiceGum After He Makes Body-Shaming YouTube Video

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Last week, RiceGum made a video reacting to Jake Paul‘s new Team 10 house. In addition to making fun of the abode, the YouTuber also body-shamed Tessa Brooks and Nick Crompton saying, “If Tessa and Nick hopped in that [elevator], it would break…it’s just over capacity.”

The former Disney Channel star was initially planning to let RG’s shade go, but he decided he HAD to say something in hopes of getting the diss-track king to stop.

“It needs to stop; this kid needs to stop,” Jake said about midway through a video titled ‘A Conversation With My Ex Girlfriend….’ “He’s a wrecking ball of negativity and who knows when he is going to offend or deeply hurt a kid by bullying them. […] Everyone should feel comfortable in their own bodies and everyone can look however the f*ck they want. And for you to make fun of somebody for their attributes that they might not be able to control is f*cked up, and you need to be stopped.”

He continued, “Who the f*ck are you? You’re setting a terrible example for every kid who watches your videos.”

JP then started to get REALLY angry, especially when he brought up how Rice compared the two of them in his video.

“Don’t ever compare me to your sorry ass,” Jake said. “I bought this house with my own d*mn money; you’re paying rent for one room within that house. You don’t even have enough money in California.”

But RiceGum wasn’t the only person Jake took down over the weekend; he also called out Chantel Jeffries, who was in the reaction video, too.

“Chantel, you should retire; the biggest moment of your career was when you dated Justin Bieber. You’re irrelevant now,” the blond spit.

While Jake didn’t say anything about ex-girlfriend Alissa Violet, she took to Twitter to stand up for her friends.

“Oh honey.. you’re the biggest hypocrite,” she tweeted. “Talk sh*t about my friends and speak highly of yourself when you’ve done the absolute worst of the worst. I usually just do my own thing and keep to myself but when you involve my friends, you’re done. Storms coming, be prepared.”

AV’s boyfriend, FaZe Banks, also spoke out against Jake on social media.

And then Chantel simply tweeted out the definition of the word ‘hypocrite.’


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