Jake Paul Finally Speaks Out After Three Members Quit Team 10 in a Week

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As you probably already know, Team 10 members Nick Crompton and Chance Sutton, as well as head of engineering Drake Rehfeld, all recently quit the Jake Paul-led group within days of each other. Of course, this raised many eyebrows and fans began to wonder what the heck was going on.

The 21-year-old stayed silent on the whole situation for several days, but finally decided to speak out about the departures “without a bunch of emotions involved.”

“I think as Team 10 grows, as individuals grow, as I grow, sometimes all those stars don’t align for some people,” he explained in a recent YT video. “And that happens not only in businesses — which is what Team 10 is — but it happens in relationships, it happens in marriages…”

He calls the recent changes among the group’s members “bumps in the road,” but doesn’t have any regrets because Team 10 “created so many amazing people…whether they’re sill on the Team or not.”

Jake also addressed the controversy surrounding his dad, Greg Paul, who was accused of being verbally abusive toward people in the group by Nick Crompton.

The former Disney Channel star admitted this father caused “friction in the [Team 10] family,” but his role in the group is essential.

He explained, “A couple of [business advisors] advised me to bring somebody on into my corner, who wholeheartedly wanted nothing else but to protect me, who didn’t care about my money, who I could 100% trust no matter what; the only person I could think of…was my dad.”

Greg’s role is to “look over the shoulders of other people” who are running Jake’s businesses and making him aware of those who are “possibly doing things that [he] as a person [doesn’t] necessarily agree with.”