Jake Paul’s D-Bag Levels Skyrocket After He Makes Racist Joke to Fan’s Face

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Jake Paul is always preaching about how much he loves his #JakePaulers, but actions speak louder than words and the racist AF joke he made about one proves quite the opposite. JP and some fellow Team 10 members were recently driving around Los Angeles when a fan came up to the car and asked him to be in his vlog. The 20-year-old noticed that the boy had an accent and asked him where he was from. When the supporter told him he was from Kazakhstan originally, the YouTuber responded by making the following “joke”:

“It sounds like you’re just gonna blow someone up. SEND THE NUKE!”

It would be bad enough if this interaction was caught on camera by a bystander, but the fact that the blonde is the one who filmed, edited and uploaded the clip to his almost 10 million subscribers proves he has no awareness that what he did was wrong. In Jake Paul’s mind, implying that someone is a terrorist is NBD.

While the former Bizaardvark hasn’t responded to the controversy yet, the people of the Internet had a LOT to say and the hashtag #JakePaulisOverParty was trending on Twitter for hours last night. Many fellow influencers also spoke out about their feelings on Jake and the whole situation.

JP is currently facing a legal battle with his neighbors for basically terrorizing the neighborhood. Is it time for him to be cancelled yet?

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