Jake Paul Not Only Started a Feud with His Ex, But Also His Famous Brother

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We’re still reeling from Jake Paul and Team 10‘s diss track, “It’s Everyday Bro,” which threw shade at the MAGCON boys and his ex-girlfriend, Alissa Violet. The 20-year-old’s older brother, Logan Paul, felt that his sibling went too far with the rap and expressed his disappointment on both Twitter and in his vlogs on YouTube. Jake didn’t like that 22-year-old wasn’t supportive and decided to make ANOTHER music video, this time completely focused on bringing him and the Logang down.

“I took Jake’s lyrics very personally,” Logan said after the vid was posted. “Like, they upset me. They really did.”

In addition to being upset, the Viner was also super angry.

The younger Logan sib eventually realized that he really hurt his bro and publicly apologized in a YouTube video.

Jake explained, “I in no way meant to hurt his feelings. I thought it would be funny and entertaining. […] I thought that every knew knew…I was more trying to be playful than actually hurting anyone’s feelings.”

But the long-haired blond wasn’t ready to let the hurt go that easily. He decided to make his OWN diss track, “The Fall of Jake Paul” ft. Why Don’t We.

As you probably noticed, the song abruptly cuts off before we can see the face of a blonde girl exiting a car. Apparently, that moment marks the beginning of the second verse of the track, which is allegedly SUPER savage and could really destroy Jake. Logan, at first, was not going to release this portion on the tune, because he loved his brother. But then he decided if the MV got 600,000 comments, he WOULD hit the upload button. Can you guess what happened? The Logan SWARMED the video and surpassed the comment goal, meaning that the former Vine star is going to upload the ending in the coming days.

What the heck does #TheSecondVerse say?! We don’t even know where to start speculating. Thankfully, we should have answers soon.

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