Jake Paul Opens Up About the Effects of Logan’s Suicide Forest Video

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If you’ve already seen the final installment of Shane Dawson‘s docuseries, The Mind of Jake Paul, you know that Jake touched on a lot of sensitive subjects. In the almost two-hour-long video, the 21-year-old got real about the Alissa Violet drama, his relationship with his dad, and the negative effects that Logan’s suicide forest video had on both of their lives.

To refresh your memory, earlier this year Logan Paul was at the center of what can only be described as the biggest YouTube controversy EVER. While on a trip to Japan, the YouTube star hiked through a wooded area known as “Suicide Forest,” and of course, he filmed his journey. Unfortunately, Logan made the extremely poor decision of uploading the footage of a suicide victim online, which led to unprecedented amounts of backlash.

Unfortunately, when Logan posted that video on YouTube, he didn’t think about the fact that he was exploiting a suicide victim, nor did he consider how it would affect him or his brother. But even though it wasn’t Jake Paul who uploaded the video, he opened up to Shane about how Logan’s unfortunate lapse in judgment impacted his life, as well. To watch him explain the situation yourself, head over to the 1:29:00 mark.

Jake started off by saying, “Just to give a little context, the day after it happened — or, like, the day he posted the video — two days after that I was supposed to be doing a brand deal for seven figures and that got taken away.” As it turns out, that was only one of several brand deals that got taken away from Jake, all because of his brother’s actions.

While it’s clear that the “It’s Everyday Bro” singer missed out on a lot of business opportunities because everyone associates (or confuses) him with Logan, the controversial video also inevitably had an impact on their relationship. Jake told Shane, “It was a lot to go through for our family, just in general. It definitely brought us a lot closer together.” Well, that’s good, at least!

Jake also went on to say that he actually hasn’t even seen the video in its entirety and that he really doesn’t want to. “He deleted the video so I only saw clips of what everyone was posting online,” Jake said. “I was shocked.” TBH, same.

Ultimately, it was obvious that Jake really didn’t want to talk about this, especially because Logan’s made more than a few decisions that wound up messing things up for his younger brother. Still, we do have to admit that, even after all of that, the relationship Jake has with Logan remains super important to him. We can only hope that both of them have learned from their mistakes and that Jake will use this docuseries to steer him on the right path moving forward. Good luck!