YouTube Star Erika Costell is Now Jake Paul’s Official Girlfriend

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Contrary to popular belief, Jake Paul and Erika Costell have never officially dated. The Team 10 members got ~married~ in June of last year, but it was later revealed that their entire relationship was fake.

“We’re not even actually dating,” the problematic YouTube star explained to the New York Times a few months later. “It’s like the WWE. People know that’s fake, and it’s one of the biggest things of entertainment.”

But even though Jerika started as a publicity stunt, the 21- and 24-year-old slowly started developing actual feelings for each other and the relationship became more and more real. Jake finally made things official by asking Erika to be his girlfriend while at an NBA basketball game earlier this week. He wrote, “Erika will you be my girlfriend?” on a piece of paper as they were sitting courtside, and she obviously said yes.

The YouTubers both posted about the relaysh becoming legit on Instagram shortly after it happened.

hi boyfriend ☺️

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It’s official❤️

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Check out the full vlog above to see how it all went down!