Hayes Grier Mocks Fellow Viner for Landing First-Ever Starring Role on TV

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Yesterday was a big day for the one community. It was announced that Viner Jake Paul landed a role on the upcoming Disney channel show Bizaardvark, becoming the first social-media star to become a series regular on the network. As expected, the 19 year old was beyond excited and posted countless times how thankful he was for the opportunity.

Clearly not everyone was a fan of Jake’s success, however. Fellow Vine star Hayes Grier saw the blond’s ecstatic tweets and was quick to shut him down. Well, kinda. You see, Jake mentioned how he was the “first ever social media star to be on Disney & be a series regular on TV,” which the 15 year old didn’t agree with.

But Hayes was mistaken. Yes, he was a contestant on the last season of Dancing With the Stars, and many other social-media kids such as Shawn Mendes have guest-starred on various TV shows, but that’s not what Jake was arguing; he was simply stating that he’s the first online personality to land a reoccurring gig on a scripted television series, which is 100 percent true. One Hayes realized that his shady tweet was completely unnecessary, he was quick to hit the delete button. But as per usual, we got those screenshots to prove it actually happened. *wink*

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