Jake Paul Gets Into Feud with Chloe Woodard After Copying Her Iconic Vine

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If you were a fan of Vine (RIP), you probably remember an iconic girl named Chloe Woodard, A.K.A. “Chloe Lmao.” Need a reminder? She created the “Who Is She” Vine, which literally still makes us laugh every time we see it.

Jake Paul decided to do his own rendition of 6-second clip recently to encourage people not to “let Vine die.”

But the 18-year-old wasn’t too thrilled that the controversial YouTuber decided to copy her content.

She tweeted in response, “Hey Jake! That’s my vine! I would say ‘in the future, tag me!’ but there is no future, stop using my content, and do not associate with me in any way thanks :)”

As you probably know by now, Jake doesn’t like to be told ‘no,’ so he decided to be petty in response and do the Vine again, with a rude twist.

And such began the feud. Chloe fired back, “I would try to recreate one of your iconic moments as a response but unfortunately they’re all disgraceful events in which you were publicly shamed. So thanks for the @ king!”

DING DING DING WE HAVE A WINNER!!!!! Chloe, you are our new hero.