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Jake Paul’s “Chalkboard Challenge” is Getting Kids in Trouble & He DGAF

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Jake Paul recently asked his fans, known as Paulers, to help him sell merch by writing the website where his merch can be found on the chalkboards and whiteboards of their schools. Unfortunately, the challenge has gotten more than a few of his most loyal fans into some big trouble…

Calling it the “Chalkboard Challenge,” Jake told his fans in a recent vlog, “You’re going to go to your school and you’re going to write: FanJoy dot C-O backslash Jake Paul. You’re going to write that on your guys’ whiteboards or chalkboards.” He then told fans participating in the challenge to take pictures of themselves after they’ve written the link onto their classroom whiteboard or chalkboard, and promised to follow those that did on social media.

While this is all great free publicity for Jake and his merch (which includes everything from phone cases to shirts to $50 hoodies), it’s not such a great deal for the students participating. Some kids who tweeted pictures of their completed challenge admitted that writing on their school boards got them into major trouble, with many of them seeing the consequences as “worth it.”

One fan shared their Chalkboard Challenge, along with the caption, “I’m in trouble but it’s worth it,” while another wrote, “got a detention for using my phone for this and writing it but it was worth it.”

Kids are willing to go so far as to grab Jake’s approval and attention, one even bragged that they got suspended for participating in the challenge:

And in case you thought all these kids getting in trouble would prompt Jake to tell his fans to stop doing the challenge, think again. When one fan tweeted at Jake that she got in trouble for doing the challenge but that he was “worth it” and her “number one,” he simply commented back, “Lol slay.”

Maybe next time Jake should just ask his followers to buy his merch, take a picture of themselves wearing said merch and give them a “followback” for that gesture. You know, as opposed to getting kids suspended for free advertising…