7 Celebrities Who Were Dissed by Jake Paul & the Rest of Team 10… This Week!

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Welp, it’s been a Jake Paul-filled week, to say the least. On May 30, the 20-year-old Disney Channel star posted a video on his YouTube channel, along with his Team 10 pals, called “It’s Everyday Bro,” in which he not-so-subtly dissed ex-girlfriend Alissa Violet, a couple YouTube crews, plus the biggest YouTube star of all time. Not smart.

Oh, and after that? He posted another video; one in which he dissed a boy band, and his more-famous brother, Logan Paul. You guys — this all happened in the past week or so; that’s a lot of people to piss off.

“I wanna just say sorry to anyone who, like, thought I was actually trying to rap,” he began in a separate video, “or to anyone who was, like, dissed in the song. I realized after that it didn’t seem like that at all.”

So, like, he apologized, which is good… but, at the same time, is he really sorry about what transpired? We’re not so sure. Whether or not he is, though, isn’t the point — the point is that hurtful words still came out of his mouth, as well as his friends’. Here are seven celebrities who were dissed by Jake Paul and the rest of Team 10 this week: