Jake Paul’s Former Classmates Accuse Him of Being a Real Bully

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A LOT of negative press has been surrounding Jake Paul lately and it doesn’t look like it’s stopping any time soon. First, the YouTuber’s neighbors called him out for disrupting the peace, then fans called him out for his insensitive and racist comments and now his old schoolmates are calling him out for being a bully in the past. Jake Paul seriously cannot catch a break.

It wasn’t long after the Internet star dropped a song called, “YouTube Stars Diss Track,” where he asked for forgiveness and rapped about all the recent controversy surrounding him, one Twitter user by the name of THEsuperlauren tweeted a very interesting response to Jake’s song.

In “YouTube Stars Diss Track,” the Vine-star-turned-YouTuber, he raps, “Where was y’all at when I was in the lunchroom, stoppin’ kids from getting bullied,” and that’s when things got interesting. Lauren quoted that specific lyric and wrote a very forward response to the claim.

It didn’t take long for that tweet to blow up and when it did, Lauren started a Twitter thread asking those who were unfortunately were bullied by Jake to share their favorite stories. Of course, Lauren shared one of her personal favorites in the same tweet.

Aside from Lauren’s own memories, one user alleged that Jake, “Forreal rode his bike over my friend’s car when he got mad.” While another said in a DM that in 6th grade, during a fire drill, the YouTuber “picked one of those really tall pieces of grass that kind of looked like cattails and poked me in the ear with it.” Ew, that sounds unpleasant.

As crazy as this all sounds, these bullying claims aren’t brand new allegations that just popped up out of nowhere. One user by the name of Bruno actually shared a very disheartening tweet roughly two months ago about Jake succeeding in life even though he was allegedly a bully back in the day.

While it is hard to confirm if these users were actually classmates with the social media star and whether or not their claims are indeed true, Jake has admitted in the past to being a bully in one of his vlogs. Sooooo we’ll just leave it up to you to decide if you think these claims are true or nah. During this ongoing saga, neither Jake or his team have responded to any of these allegations.