Jake Paul Allegedly Assaulted Alissa Violet, Erika Costell and Other Girls

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Last week, Jake Paul made an entire video saying that Ricky “FaZe” Banks assaulted his new assistant, Meg Zelly, while at a Los Angeles nightclub on Friday. These claims were obviously incredibly serious, but the 25-year-old vehemently denied that he purposely grabbed the girl by the neck (he owned up to the fact that he could’ve accidentally hit her while dancing) like she claimed. The YouTuber made a response video to tell his side of the story and rebuke Team 10‘s allegations, and Alissa Violet joined him to reveal that JAKE is actually the one who’s abusive.

“Honestly, he did assault me a few times,” the 21-year-old said in the vid. “If we never agreed on something, or if something happened, he would spit in my face, and this has happened multiple times. He would spit at my feet, the ground I walked on.”

According to the blonde, the former Disney Channel star did the same thing to ~wife~ Erika Costell, too.

Alissa further explained that one time, the blond took a video script way too far and shoved her into a bush of thorns, leaving her arm covered and bleeding.

Another abusive incident came when the ex-Bizaardvark actor allegedly got mad at AV for something, threw her phone at the wall, and “dragged [her] down the f*cking stairs” when she tried to run away. The girl still has scars on her knee as a result.

“I’ve had the wind knocked out of me so many times,” she said.

The blonde also said she spoke to some other girls who have hooked up with JP in the past, and they said he ALSO assaulted them.

Here’s the full video of FaZe Banks defending himself, his friends proving that Jake’s allegations are totally false and Alissa Violet telling people what actually goes down in the Team 10 house:

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