15 of the Worst Paul-Brother Scandals We All Wish We Could Forget

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We don’t think too many people are gonna argue with us when we say the Paul brothers are problematic AF — it’s that simple! After Logan Paul‘s suicide forest video this month followed shortly by a leaked video of Jake Paul saying the N-word multiple times, there’s no denying how much these two should be CANCELED. The Internet, not to mention Hollywood, wants them to be over — and with good reason!

The 20- and 22-year-old vloggers have come a long way from their Vine days, but not in a good way. We never thought we’d say this, but we miss the good ol’ days when LP would collapse into the splits in public places and JP would kiss too many girls for clicks. Now these two just pile up one controversy after another, and we’re so sick of their scandals.

If you still stand by the Paul bros after everything that’s happened, maybe you need a little nudge. That’s why we rounded up all of the reasons they’ve been in the news lately. And TBH, even though Jake has so many more scandals than Logan under his belt, his brother’s most recent mess-up takes the cake. We dare you to click through all 15 of these cringey moments and tell us you still support either one of them.