Jake & Logan Paul End Feud by Doing the Thing That Started it in the First Place

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It’s been a long week and a half of Jake and Logan Paul throwing disses back and forth like it’s no big deal to publicly shame your sibling. Despite the fact that the feud got pretty freakin’ intense, it’s important to remember that blood is always thicker than water and the boys are officially D-O-N-E with the fighting.

The 20-year-old took the first step to publicly ending the spat by posting a music video for a new song called “I Love You Bro,” featuring the 22-year-old.

Logan then jumped on the MV bandwagon and released his OWN vid for a track titled “The Rise Of The Pauls,” which — you guessed it — included the Disney Channel actor.

Nothing says ‘I love you and I’m sorry’ quite like creating two over-the-top music videos for millions of people to watch!

The Paul brothers have been releasing so much #content lately that a lot of fans started questioning if the entire thing was a stunt. Not gonna lie — the thought crossed our mind, too. But the former Vine star clarified that he and his younger sib were ACTUALLY fighting and “acted on [their] feelings as a result.”

Those Paul bros, thooooo — never a dull moment!

Jake and Logan Paul will always have each other’s back, just like these stars will eternally defend their siblings: