8 Times Jake and Logan Paul Dissed Each Other in YouTube Videos

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Let’s all agree on one thing before you guys divide up into the Jake Paulers vs. the Logang — Jake Paul and Logan Paul rule the Internet. That is all. Now, squads, it’s time to team up! Because this post is about all the times the siblings have dissed each other on their YouTube channels.

Diss tracks have existed since the beginning of musical history — rapper Eminem probably has the longest-standing record of all the best savage tunes known to man. This is all really important info, so if you don’t know what it all means, here’s the Wikipedia definition of the phrase: “A diss track or diss song is a song primarily intended to disrespect a person or group. While musical parodies and attacks have always existed, the trend became increasingly common in the hip hop genre fueled by the hip hop rivalry phenomenon.”

But then, the Viners came into the picture. And they tore it TF up! The two have been going back and forth at each other with full-on songs and music videos to insult each other (mostly in a joking way), turning the ~diss track trend~ into a freakin’ all-out war.

But these two don’t just settle their differences with music — they’re known for shading each other online with crazy stunts, pranks and vlogs, too. You can often catch each of them making entire videos on their YT channels intended solely to p*ss off the other. It’s kind of amazing, NGL. We LIVE for drama…ya know…when we’re not involved. The boys will obviously love each other no matter what &dmash; they ARE brothers, after all — but sometimes their savagery goes a bit too far that we can’t help but wonder how they’ll ever be able to sit down to family dinner in the future without it being awkward AF.