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Jake Gyllenhaal *Perfectly* Dodged a Question About Taylor Swift

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Jake Gyllenhaal was thrown a major curveball while being interviewed by Boston Marathon bombing survivor Jeff Bauman, for his upcoming movie, Stronger, when he was asked a question about ex-girlfriend Taylor Swift. Something tells us that Jake, too, would very much like to be excluded from this narrative.

It may have been seven years since Jake and Taylor reportedly broke things off for good following a three-month relationship, but lest we still never forget, all thanks to rare interview cases like this one, Jeff decided to go where no reporter dares to go anymore…

Jake portrays Jeff in the upcoming biographical drama, and thank god for that, because IRL, these two couldn’t be a better match. During a live Facebook session, the two grilled each other on everything from ex-girlfriends to their favorite films, and evidently, no subject was off the table as Jeff asked Jake about his thoughts on Taylor Swift writing a song about him. But in what could’ve been an awkward turn of events, Jake managed to perfectly dodge the question and continue on with the interview.

Jeff: “If you lost your legs in real life, do you think Taylor Swift would write a song about it?”

Jake: “For me, or about it?”

Jeff: “For you. Like a country song.”

Jake: “She’s sort of moved more into pop now.”

Is it just us, or does Jake seem to have kept some close tabs on Taylor and her recent career choices? But considering fans have speculated over the years that Jake was the inspiration behind a few of her songs, including “All Too Well”, “The Moment I Knew” and “Holy Ground”, this question doesn’t seem too out of left field.

Jake previously shot down questions about Taylor and his personal life earlier this year during an interview with The Guardian, when he cut the question about their history short by saying, “I would really love to not talk about my personal life.” His sister, Maggie Gyllenhaal, has even been questioned after rumors that Taylor really did leave her scarf at Maggie’s house, just like her song “All Too Well” implies.

But given the lighthearted nature of this interview, Jake seamlessly dodged the question and continued on. He is set to portray Jeff in a the story that focuses on the tragic day he lost both of his legs in the bombing attacks while cheering on his then-girlfriend who was running in the Boston Marathon.

So get those tissues ready, y’all! We’re in for quite a tear-jerker film, and who knows, maybe even an Oscar-worthy performance?