Hottie of the Week: Jake Gyllenhaal

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We’ll be honest — we always thought Jake Gyllenhaal was hot, but nothin’ spesh. But then we saw Love & Other Drugs and um, yeah. Things changed. In the flick, he plays a pharmaceutical rep who…blah blah blah. Basically, we loved it because he’s 80 percent nekkid, 80 percent of the time. Oh, Anne Hathaway, how we’d kill to be you…

So, in honor of Jake’s new flick and, oh yeah, his fling with Taylor Swift, this week’s Hottie of the Week is Jake Gyllenhaal. Take a peek through these hot recent pics of Jake in all his sexy glory, and you’ll totally agree that the title is very, very well-deserved. Let’s just hope Taylor doesn’t get jealous…

So, whatcha waiting for? Click through to see the pics!