Jake Boys Pretty Much Confirmed That He and Emily Canham Are Back Together

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Emily Canham and Jake Boysbreakup at the beginning of the year came as a total shock to many Jemily shippers. While the YouTube stars are just 20 and 21 years old, respectively, they were total #RelationshipGoals for thousands. But even though the pair decided to break up, the British guy promised that there were no hard feelings and they would always be best friends.

He wrote in his split announcement, “SHE’S THE MOST INCREDIBLE PERSON IN THE WORLD! I’m always gonna be her number 1 fan.”

Jake and Emily kept true to their promise and remained close following their split, but fans have recently noticed that they’ve been spending a little more time together than normal, which obviously sparked rumors that they’re back together. Exes are totally able to be friends with each other — we’re not trying to diminish that fact at all — but JB replied to a person on YT who wrote, “I’m happy you two are together again,” by saying, “So am I!”


If that’s not enough confirmation that Jemily is back on, check out some of the other ~interesting~ comments Jake wrote on YouTube.





The 21-year-old could also be seen laying in Emily’s bed in the background of her latest video.

Emily and Jake’s little dog, Cody, just so happened to turn 1 today, so the former (maybe current?????) couple is busy celebrating that together.

If E&J actually ARE dating again, we couldn’t be happier! If they’re still just best friend, that’s great, two. #JEMILY4LIFE

Like Emily and Jake, these couples met because of YouTube: