Ariana Grande in “Utter Shock” After Ex Calls Her a Cheater on Twitter

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Instagram (@arianagrande)Talk about a bitter break-up. Apparently, the feud is still raging between Ariana Grande and ex-boyfriend Jai Brooks. But this time, the war of words is between the former lovers (rather than their siblings).

In possibly the longest rant ever on Twitter, the Janoskians guy reveals to the world, "Yes I was cheated on. Yes it does suck. Yes I was left for another man."

He continues, "It has been tough for me, but I'm finally ready to move on. Once you are cheated on, you should never go back and I did because I wasn't ready to give up on love and something that was everything to me… Nathan [Sykes] may be a top bloke or a sweet person, but what he did was just completely wrong. He interfered with my life and did not respect my relationship, his actions caused me to not be able to sleep at night and not see the world as a beautiful place."

To The Wanted singer, he says, "If you read this, when you hold her hand, you better hold it tight because you are holding my world. I do wish you two happiness and a good life and hope everything works out."

He adds, "I'm not going to go into the full story of what happened because it isn't anyone else's business and I'm just not ready to… Today was supposed to be our one-year anniversary, but instead I'm writing this. Do you know how s*** this makes me feel?"

Finally, he closes, "She may not respond to this post, may ignore it, may deny it or may own up to it, she is going to do what's best for her and do what she thinks is right, which is what I'm doing… I'm looking out for myself."

But it doesn't end there. Here's what Ariana had to say:

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