Ariana Grande’s Ex, Jai Brooks, Disses Selena Gomez Over DACA Support

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Man, people are really ripping into Selena Gomez this week. First, it was because she got her own TIME magazine cover for being the first person to reach 100 million followers on Instagram. (Like… it’s a cool achievement and everything, but that’s nothing compared to the accomplishments by Hillary Rodham Clinton, Oprah Winfrey & Ellen DeGeneres, all of whom got their own TIME covers this week.) Now, there’s at least one person who isn’t thrilled by her recent political stance… and that person is Jai Brooks.

Ever since his 2014 (second) breakup with Ariana Grande, Jai has kept himself out of headlines for the most part… but then he decided to diss Selena Gomez, and all hell broke loose.

It all went down when Selena posted the following note on Instagram, supporting DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) & the DREAM Act (Development, Relief, and Education for Alien Minors):

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“My definition of dreamer is someone that thinks big and believes anything is possible,” said Selena in her Insta message. “The wonderful people being threatened by the unfortunate reversal of DACA are exactly that. Please call The White House, your local member of Congress and state Senators to let your voice be heard to defend DACA!”

But the 22-year-old Janoskian wouldn’t hear it. The YouTuber commented on the Instagram, saying, “You honestly don’t give a sh*t about people related to DACA you’re just a Hollywood pretending to give a sh*t because with seems right.”

“Go home princess,” he concluded his little spiel.

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Many people have criticized Selena for not using her influence to sound off on politics, like many of her famous peers, including Demi Lovato, Lauren Jauregui & Katy Perry. Usually, she keeps mum, like best friend Taylor Swift. But, perhaps, this marks the beginning of Sel’s foray into the world of politics. Everyone should welcome her; not try to tear her down.