What Jaden Smith Will Look Like in 65+ Years

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How did we not think of him ’til now?? After weeks of “age”-ifiying celebrities — the first one being Justin Bieber! — we finally came to our senses, and thought that the perf person this time around would be the Biebs’ bestie, Jaden Smith! Why is he the best decision ever? Well, 1. It’s Jaden Smith, and he’s awesome. And, 2. Just like Bella Thorne before him, J’s so young (13!) so we get to be more creative with his timeline. Think you can handle it? Then here we go…

Jaden at 13 years old
He’s too cute for words, got an amaze voice, and,
let’s face it, he kicks ass!

See how Jaden’s gonna look!

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